What Graduates Are Saying about...

BodySense has brought me in touch with who I am as a person. Realizing the mental connection to the physical connection is so important and has helped more than any “diet plan”. I know what drives my choices and I know how to break the cycle. I may not be perfect but I have the power and I can let myself off the hook for being human. I don’t beat myself up anymore.”

“I learned to listen to body signals: when I’m hungry, when I’m full.”
“I have learned to be more accepting of who I am, all of me, not just my body.”“I have noticed a big change in my eating patterns.”

BodySense has taught me that it is okay for me to take care of myself – that I’m not selfish and that this is a journey – it’s not all or nothing!”“I am now able to enjoy events and what I want, not what I think I should eat around other people. I prepare and plan what and when to eat. I take care of my hunger.”“I now eat until I’m comfortable/ full. In twelve weeks, I’ve only been stuffed three times!”“I now exercise regularly. I’m back in the groove. Getting started was the hardest part. It’s not all or nothing – it’s today and right now that counts!”“I now more than ever am able to look in the mirror and compliment myself instead of finding fault and criticizing myself.”“I have not stepped on the scale once in twelve weeks because I am more than the number on the scale! My weight does not define who I am!! I have discarded clothing that is uncomfortable or unflattering.”

“I am more comfortable with my body. I have stopped calling myself bad, bad names. In fact, I don’t even think that way anymore.”BodySense has given me a heightened awareness about myself and my body.”“I am more comfortable with my body and am using affirmations to help me with this.”“I was committed to this program and now I am committed to myself.”

“I realized I was not alone”