The BodySense Focus

Learn that your body is your friend:    
 ~ Discover the natural wisdom of your body    
 ~ Learn the language that your body speaks     
 ~ Learn to respond to your body's messages appropriately

Learn about hunger:    
 ~ Discover body hunger    
 ~ Learn the difference between body hunger and mind hunger or appetite

Explore your relationship with food:     
 ~ Examine the role that food plays in your life
 ~ Explore eating in harmony with your body's natural rhythms    
 ~ Experience eating to "comfortable" instead of "stuffed"    
 ~ Learn to manage life's highs and lows without turning to food    
 ~ Identify alternative sources of nourishment     
 ~ Develop the ability to handle uncomfortable feelings which may surface when food is 
    no longer used as a diversion

Explore your relationship with your body:     
 ~ Learn the difference between natural weight and ideal weight     
 ~ Discover where body image comes from     
 ~ See exercise in a different light     
 ~ Learn to develop a more compassionate view of your body    
 ~ Learn strategies for self acceptance