BodySense Philosophy: Learn to Trust, Fuel, and Love Your Body!
A Program for Women in Conflict with Weight, Eating and Body Image

BodySense is not about dieting or about following someone else’s prescription for weight loss. Statistics dramatically reveal that ninety-five percent of us who have dieted have gained back our weight within one to five years. Over and over we’ve been left with extra weight, the nagging question “Why can’t I do this?” and most harmfully, lessened self-esteem because we failed again. BodySense is about finding our own individual way to becoming strong and healthy for life. BodySense is about exploring our relationships with with our bodies, with food, and with ourselves. It is a program for women built upon the foundation that problems with weight management are signals that something is out of balance in our lives. The BodySense philosophy is created from the beliefs that… that our bodies have their own innate wisdom and will establish their own natural weight… that we can learn to manage our lives without turning to food for comfort or protection... that we can eat what we love without believing that food is the enemy…that we can learn to be at peace with our bodies…and that we are worthy of love and respect, right now, as we are.

The Format

BodySense Basics meets for six weeks, for ninety minutes each week, with no more than eight women in a group. It focuses on our relationship with food and helps women get in touch with hunger , knowing when to eat, and satiety, knowing when to stop.  (One can choose sixty minute, individual sessions instead of the group format). Each session includes:
                                                                        ~ A learning of the week
                                                                        ~ An open discussion
                                                                        ~ A homework assignment

BodySense Advanced is also for six weeks and is for women who want to continue their journey of discovery into the reasons for their emotional/ nonhunger related eating. We safely explore those reasons and continue to develop and use mindfulness strategies to decrease nonhunger eating.

The atmosphere is informal, nonjudgmental, caring, supportive, and allows for the free expression of thoughts, feelings, fantasies, and fears.

I love working with groups. There is something very powerful about learning that we are not alone, that even though our issues are individual, they are also universal, and therefore we can both learn from and be supported by others. BodySense, a program that I created for women in conflict with food, weight, and body image,  combines my two loves – working with women and group counseling.