I’d like to introduce myself to you. My name is Ilene Leshinsky. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW-R) which means I am licensed as a psychotherapist in New York State and I have had over seventeen years of counseling experience working especially with women. 

​              Ilene is ending practice in Plattsburgh.
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I graduated from Boston University School of Social Work specializing in counseling adults and in group work. I love working with women of all ages (including adolescents). It’s not easy being a woman in today’s world with multiple demands on our time and energy. I’m gratified when I can help women learn to carve out time for themselves, to enhance their lives and their interactions with their loved ones. It’s amazing how depression lifts and anxiety lessens when we learn to value and take care of ourselves!

Many women come to me who are struggling with weight, eating and body image issues (please see the BodySense pages on this website). Women also enter counseling because they are feeling stuck in their relationships or are feeling that their self esteem needs bolstering. Some women come because they are still experiencing the repercussions of childhood or adult trauma. If you are one of these women, I hope you will call me.